Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Security seems far from good

One step for betterment

We are already in the exam mood.It started yesterday.people are busying themselves with books and notes here and there but us..still attending classes. Like today, educational psychology class...my lecturer made all the 3 groups in  to be in the hall for some lecture (last lecture) and distributing he on going marks...And I keep saying this to people


because we've never have lecture in class with all three groups in one time....for this semester. so it's like a tesl gathering...pre gathering before the final

my exam dates are just like a "toto" number:

which are......
31/10 - Applied phonetic & phonology
3/11   - Educational psychology
8/10   - Micro-counselling

wish me and all my friends for 'najah' with excellence in the exam.....

as I've checked the list of on going marks I've gotten...it's not a satisfying result....I screwed up a lot and 3.5 didn't seems to securely safe in my palm for this semester......I don't have too much expectation for my future result...only hoping to maintain the 3.5 pointer....Ya rabb, yassir wala tua'ssir fil imtihan3x...AMEEN

Allah knows best

p/s: i'm freaking scared at the moment

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The sky is bright and so is the life

One step for betterment

I've read a wonderful post from my friends' blog..I'm very delight to see that how Allah bring his light to a person through a person..the person must be one amazing being. You know, when a life is touched by someone to reform into such a positive, better way...the person is something..May Allah lay His endless blessing to her in touching one's heart to be nearer to Allah...One thing we should believe...God is equal..He settled us upon something or with something/someone for a reason..which will turn out for good or bad. but nevertheless, if it is something bad...there should be a blessing in disguise...people CAN change..The good might turns bad in 10 years time....and vice versa....the most challenge part is when someone wants to be become a better/good person...there will be a tricky way...and varied test of patience and Iman....like..for friends...some..little of them  might look at one like a jerk...with a look like "yeah right..i don't believe in you to be thaaat good"...Ouch.. some will also will try to their best in ensuring that the person still belong to their group of people....
Man, He tested us in many way..not to kill the spirit but as a test to see how deep is the desire to become the man of the religion...with firm belief and faith in Allah.. whatever it is...good friends will celebrate his/her friend's reformation for good and with many prayers to Allah..may He will give strength to him/her and for us to be always in Mardhatillah...

'Dinul Islam Abadan Abada' 

Allah knows Best

p/s: I still wonder how the person knows my blog and read about the post..i'll never deliver the hate post again...for good. I'll take your critics for good but it still a mystery how on earth you know my blog. the bottom of it..I'm no longer mad at you....I've delivered the company's proposal according to the list you gave me....so, just stop shouting at me again. =]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

say hello~!

One step for betterment

We can never satisfied every soul for liking us...not everybody will be liking the way we are....
if we keep listen to others to be what they want us to be..what's the real point of living your life?

when I got mad to someone....it's not to be forever....people can forever hate me as their wish and I'll give and the one who is offended is (sapa mkn cili dia rasa pedas)..

i guess it's better to ignored those and be what you always should be....

if I ever hurt anyone...sorry..I'll try to fix it if i'm the one who did mistakes....
haha....love me hate me say what you want about me.....my friends know me best~!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


One step for betterment

Hating you from the bottom of the heart

i wish not to see your face for the rest of my life...ever again..

Hate your eyes when you looked at me when talking....

as if I'm a pest, and you're the holier.....

don't you ever dare to talk to me again...

with that tone and look...i'll be forever hating you...

no peace for us for now

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A guitar and the song

One step for betterment

Last night and the rest of the day will specially stored as most memorable, blissful life for me...Enjoy much of your present and most off all, the many unknown things you've well sealed.....and successfully discovered.
the first strum of your guitar..it left me in awe....and you're keep saying not really good at it...my..stop talking rubbish...it's an extraordinary talent I've met..this is another, you can't read chord...but a wonderful guitarist..you are as special as the way you are... annnnnd just another amazing person I've met. thanks for the song and the guitar...it's sweet..real sweet...if you've realized or not, many hearts have touched by you and yeah, hoping to hear your compose again =]]]

you're so shy and it's doubling mine

p/s: I'll keep this as secret..no one will know a scratch 'bout this. ^^,

Allah Knows Best

Sunday, October 10, 2010

stop whining people

One step for betterment

Weekend would be the best for a study break out.....and I'm sipping every moment with it..
I went to KL for a visit to my uncle house + open house+ hanging out with some friends and cousins..it was on Saturday...only by late at night, I had arrived to Shah Alam...overnight at 21's house due to the late night arrival. thanks to their company, we didn't slept until it was 2am..Erm...lots of updates to catch up. Early in the morning, I went for a breakfast with 21, as the others still snoozing (tk bangun dari kubur lagi =] ) .Only an hour after that, I walk back to my house....not that early morning breeze.

The next day, together with my house mates, we convoyed to Reen's as she is having an open house. Thanks god I wasn't at home last night, Reen, Yam and Farah were camping at Reen's for that purpose..our house surely  a creepy old antic boring rented house without their presence. Man, I love convoy..together, 3 cars tailed and Khai's is the most outrageous i think..the satria neo with turbo engine was a cool wheel to ride on the highway..
reaching her house, we ate everything eyes could roll at. cranky jokes really killing us with madness laughter...her mom joined the crowd as well! Owh my,....stories after stories...we just can't stop laughing, hardly breathing. it was a magnificent Sunday for me and for others as well.

Hey, many are whining around about their piles of unsettled assignment.....there isn't that much if you start early...for someone over there...stop using the excuse of settling assignment to stay up /overnight at McD or anywhere else....because you haven't settled anything...as what my eyes could see...a lot of distraction is the big deal...my advice, go to somewhere you can focus to do work but not something else...good luck...
(the other people also attached to many commitment.....but that's not an excuse of not settling academic work)

Amazing people...Amazing life....Expected challenges.....

p/s: good luck in exam people!!

Allah knows best

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Believe in my destiny

One step for betterment

My heart beats..with unusual beating....
whatever it's called....
I'm thinking of..

....getting married

I really know it's worth waiting....may Allah takes me into another beautiful phase of life....
again....I believe...it's really worth waiting


Allah knows best

Friday, October 8, 2010

200th ...and never have enough

One step for betterment

The one I'm currently writing is officially my 200th post..Impressed?? bigger than a dot. I rarely updates my blog and there's isn't a reason for that..most of the time whenever I feel the urge to pen something, the lappy isn't with me and the idea just floating..circling as the inner thought..

I'm running out of my time doing many of my favourite part time job- Roti Impit Ayamas at the faculty, also as a fully in charge of the head of Sponsorship department in "THE COOK" tour which will be held insya allah early next year at UKM..we only have precisely 3 months left before the due date. For further understanding what the heck of this program is...asks the holy google who always answer everything. Apart of this, there's still a few assignments left....and time is running out...

I have settled:
a) Phonetic transcription project....(my part)
b) counseling verbatim (as same as drama script)..
c) Report Writing (my part)

I haven't yet settle:
a) Arabic drama script...few amendment to be done as advised by the lecturer
b) Educational psychology case study

As I had mentioned, "my part". This means that in order to settle everything, I have to wait for the others to compiled a complete work. I hope everyone is doing their job and best in stealing time for accomplishing the assignment. I want us to get great score to secure the fortune A. 

As for my course, I haven't yet become a top scorer student, didn't crave for it but if getting one is the full icing on the cake. I'm just the moderate...like still a fortunate dean's list receiver..What is the most important to me is to maintain the 3.5 CGPA. Least interest in racing for a 4.00 pointer. "five-point someone" is the best novel that have changed and awaken my perspective towards the aim in academic lane. To fully enjoy your life as student and really learn the entire course is far more important that mugging books for the sake of A+ and zero knowledge in it. Many of us just like a machine....pressured by the fact of learning something new because it means more to cram and even much memorize..we aren't pressure cooker, take it easy people. 

Another thing about academic life....many of us are one real brainy....in disguise or clearly portrayed. for those who are vividly known as the intelligent, I pay no attention for their best performance as I know it's them...but one that I really adore is the hush hush brilliant that rarely or never get the spotlight. They are the type that what I call "the silencer" ..the.one speak less and listen more....even some might be labelled as the passive and loser with the capital L..lord..you'll be freakin' surprise how they shine in tests..simply said, they nearly beat the top scorers.....how was that? when it comes from "the silencer", it was celebrated with a huge applause..from us....they are one great brainy man..no one hardly notice their presence, but a starlight they have become. one great thing about them too is they are not bothered to scream the victory...not even fussy to boast around telling the world how great the marks they nailed. I like the down to earth attitude and people like you even more when you're modest with the exceptional talent. there's one big lesson lies behind



Kudos to ilman, zuhairi for their outstanding marks in phonetic and phonology and not to forget..educational psychology. Have you read their answer? you should have done it..
me?? I'm satisfied with mine...but..but...I'm not the top scorer...hehe. 

 Allah knows best

p/s: I skipped an international tennis tournament invitation where the ticket price is RM169..I heard Jay Shawn and other big stars are performing....well, who cares..it's them who're famous, not me...I wish I could give my ticket to you if you're one BIG tennis fan...(how on earth I got it? thanks to KESAT)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My ugly story..which belong to theirs

One step for betterment

My heart rains....but who knows

I want to rant lots of thing..
off from this page please if you think you are the one I'm gonna bite
Mind of nauseated words you've never heard of before...
Best to pour everything here as if I'm not, I'll stuck forever with this such suck/infuriating/ feeling...It pealed me off~~

hush..........this isn't juicy gossips to tell the world...mind your own business anyway

patience isn't the best virtue this time

What a friendship is about? i think I almost unrecognized the significance of best/good friend. there's no more for us....maybe we better of this way...having a boyfriend quite a huge concrete wall for our togetherness. Like, you want more and more time spending with him, leaving of alone..on the beginning, I thought I'm okay with that...like, yeah, go for it...I don't mind..even though deep inside I surely upset someone had stealing the precious I love most...days past...months left..I realized she isn't into us anymore, it's all about him...somehow I am stored in the recycle bin memory..Jealousy?? Only god knows. I like the guy and I adore their love bond....but, I damned hurt....neglected and pushed away...nak ajak keluar hujung minggu pun da susah...sebab nak kena fikir pasal si dia takut nanti kot2 dia nak ajak keluar....kalau tak dulu boleh jer, gi mydin ke, giant ke same2...tapi sekarang,suma dengan dia....sapa tak kecil hati....I tak pernah cakap, hurm...sebb tak tercapai akal kot....sayang dia...tak nak dia kecil hati..rasa kekadang macam mengada jugak..tapi memang itu yang dirasa...kami dah jauh....

kekadang agak kurang berkenan dengan buah hati tu..sebab dia suka nk pegang tangan kawan I....biasa lah lelaki, their intertwined their fingers for he asking for it...she knew I didn't really much like it (da pesan dah..kalo kapel..kalo boleh tak yah la pegang tangan)...but's you know, it's quite hard to resist or say no if the one you love whisper the song of love to you....of course it's irresistible....(for some). okay, nak wat camna,biar lah camtu, dah  suka sama suka..I'm off the line. she changed quiet a lot...so do I..hurm..I hope she is more like the old days....well, maybe she might think the same about me...I think we both hurt but didn't say anything about it, let it rottens ourselves up. I lead my own path...it might be better to explore more out there... independence is my stick to help me walk....through the hardness of bitter reality. Just move in then...I guess...still, how can I hate her, love is still there although it isn't the same anymore.... 

Next, it's also about a girl...just another girl. obsession towards anything she likes. She is rather someone with obsessive compulsive disorder...towards the living. Owh my, I know that some people won't be easy with me and try as much of avoiding me for our own good...(this make me sound like devil? I dunno). Here's one uphill request for her..."let the one who you like a lot get her own space too...if she wants to be close to any friends she loves, let her be...it's pity to see her stuck almost every moment with you"...quite a control freak. Tak perlu lah nak tarik muka masam cam **nuk hanya sebab tak dapat ikut kawan yang dia raapppaaat sangat....rimas. 

hurm....more freak things I said about another, makes me even uglier....
I should stop......for now