Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raya aidilfitri 2010

One step for betterment

Hari Raya terbaik sepanjang zaman. Satu ungkapan yang boleh menjelaskan sambutan syawal kali ini...alhamdulillah opah sangat sihat dan masih muda ceria, sengal pon ada..walaupun dah mencecah umur 79 tahun tahun nih..ya, opah saya..Mahiyah Binti Alang Ahmad, sangat dekat di hati=]

opah teridur kejap...hehe mane ade

potret keluarga 7 orang dari 12 beradik
Apa yang menyebabkan raya tahun nie sangat bermakna?? Jom selongkar....

1. Opah masak lemang fan dodol durian yg sangat lah sedap....bakar lemang dua kali yer....ngan cucu2 sekali

2. Orang pahang semuanya balik kampung. susah diorang nak balik sebab kilang roti yg nak kena jaga tuh..tapi tahun nie syukur semua dapat balik..siap bawak ikan patin berekor2 lagi...segar dari pahang...woww..tambah pulak dengan suma pastri dan roti dari kilang....heaven!! roti oh roti

3. Acik udin (bju kuning gelap) bru ja dapat baby girl. anak merdeka~!!! tahniah..anak sulung tuh

4. Tahun ni suma famili tangkap gambar keluarga setiap satu...wat rakaman ala2 tv 9 la...kte kak syahrul nak antar kat angah n along bila siap edit nanti =]]..... 

5. Banyak 'updates' berjaya dikumpulkan dengan semua sepupu sepapat tuh~!!

6. Jumpa Eby (dalam pangkuan ..), Alif, alia, syafiza...dan si kenit si kenit yang laen...jadi baby sitter =]]..

7. Rasa ikatan keluarga ini setakat inilah...membahagiakn....seronok sangat. rumah kecoh tk berhenti2...maklumlah ramai suara versi loud speaker..

Eby dah makin besar,dia la yang paling tikah sayang, seronok sembang ngan budak ni, bijak...aish, geram p0n ade jgak..comel sangat....

kalau kat umah opah abis gula-isytihar darurat la jawabnya...mana tak mau, stok 20Kg pon tk cukup nk gna wat air oren sunquick....keluarga besar...memang camtuh...
tak kisah la baju baru atau tidak, tak kisah la ada lemang ke tidak sebab yang paling penting semua dapat kumpul bersama2....

sebab kita tak tahu, bila mungkn ajal kita nanti, mungkin kita, mungkin mereka pergi dulu, sayangilah yang tersayang selagi hayat di kandung badan..


p/s: akan lebih kerap menggunakan bahasa ibunda kelak~!

Allah knows best

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


One step for betterment

In the sheer rejoice of holiday season....plus, Raya celebration
I know, many of muslim out there and maybe here anyway is sobbing for the ending phase of Holy Ramadhan...month of kareem..month of forgiveness
soo, farewell then...As for me, it's not a proper goodbye though, because honestly, although not in favor to admit this, I haven't managed to make the good use of the blissful and prosperous opportunity to repair and fix my duty as a good servant to Allah...poor me, because I fail to help myself in preparing the 'box to hereafter' and time is running out..
In that prayer, which is the last tarawih prayer...

Imam made a special supplication that is said as a completion of the Quran recitation (30 juzu').

I can see....many makmum are crying....
even the small lads are sobbing...
the Imam supplication is heart wrenching..I told you...
His tone of sadness, hope and full of regret makes the nature mourn together in silent darkness..
it's in the prayer.....
the language is arabic, they understand everything said......
They are really into the prayer....
Now I wonder...how was my prayer....it's never like their....I'm ashamed

As I'm writing this post, I'm watching tarawih prayer from Masjidil Haram....it isn't boring at all, yes fella..the quranic recitation is very tranquil to a heart...the tv also included the meaning of each recitation in English for a complete understanding. It heals me well I think, from the unsettled worldly issues and sinful deeds I have done. Hmm, have you ever thought that a western-muslim-converter seeks islam because of the knowledge about the Islam itself....those are derived from the educated. I mean, they see Islam not through the people (as we know many are damaged and least islamic way of life) but by the study about the religion itself. Contrary to this, malay-christian-converter dragged themselves out of Islam due to the worldly reasons lay behind it. It's not about they found the real truth of one religion they want, because it offers and fulfill their wants and desire....I'm not generalizing this statement but most of the reason laid in that.

Islam serves what a human need..

It's never fulfilling their every wanting

Because....many are directed by lust...

Lust that pull people to astray

Astray is the goal of the always-loser-satan

Islam makes its people a winner

In a directed path

A directed path is always bitter, least exciting and full of test

The path, at the end of the tunnel shines with brightest light 

The light towards Jannah, the end of all misery...everlasting

p/s: A cage of butterfly in my tummy...something to do with raya perhaps

Allah knows best

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lie to Me

One step for betterment

Hey, there's something I like to share. My life is quite a blast since the past few days...erm, more than a week I guess. Credits to Tuan for the new introduction for this English drama series to me, Which in my thought is the best educational psychology based story that turn me quite into a madness =]]


My world madness :))

You surely would like this drama. It is as prestiged as CSI, NUMBERS, HOUSE and all that stuff..and way beyond to THE MENTALIST. Just a preview for you, this is a story about a wise man who devoted more than two decades in studying human microexpression-anger, contempt, disgust, genuine smile, fear, anxious and the list continue with over 6 billion of human's expression which we'll never ever known or digest. This is a man is the last person you want to meet if you're lying. He just know your ugly truth. He is a genius psychologist with an expertise in body language and predominantly microexpressions and founder of The Lightman Group, a private company that operates as an independent contractor to assist investigations of local and federal law enforcement through applied psychology. Yeah, something like that. 

Surely you'll gain something, no..many things in through this drama. You learn about people and also that

When you have long become a follower, you are able to catch the microexpression itself..like you got the clue you know, best tool to utilize it well.....isn't it

Hey, another fantastic thing is...you'll know if you're boyfriend is lying =]].......two eye brows pulled together, fixed eyes contact on the face, shrugged shoulder,putting hands on the neck....gotcha!! you're lying.......liar...

Can't wait for the 2nd season...

p/s: I'm going back very soon darlings....happy hols~~

Allah knows best