Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You & I together

One step for betterment

It just an updates about us.....We've been together since that and I always pray for the togetherness now and hereafter.....Some updates about us will then unleash the memory we shared...there's many ups and downs in the sailing boat, we laugh like witches and we cried like a baby. The hard times is tough to endure and it's painful but we have believe and trust, a trust that people change, You & I changed for the better and I am thankful for you in believing in me and never give up. I have had my swings and yours. We know it's a challenge to please us but we know we tried our best, thus we survived. This is a my pouring heart to heart, I might never able to said it verbally but I hope this writing will let you know how I really felt. I'm blessed for this togetherness.

Well, yeah, the updates.
We have gone for goood just after the Educational Psychology exam at the end of the day. It's all well planned since days before that. We are going to hit Alamanda Putrjaya for the celebration. (i still have one final paper..=p ). I have never beeen there and we planned for enjoy the eateries and bowling. Well, that's the plan. So, after the prayer, off we go. 

It took us about 1 hour to reach Alamanda Putrajaya. It's a breath taking nature beauty for a city like this. I want to have a house there.hhehe..we are totally in a great hunger, seriously like haven't eating since morning and having the first meal of the day is just like living again after the death. we ate sizzling yee mee and some juice. w fancy to try a bite for the famous waffle. (we did't make it, kenyang sangat makan tadi). 

Unfortunately for us, the bowling center is full and there's a tournament to be held after the 8.00pm. All the way to here is for bowl and Alamanda let us down. Thinking of the other alternatives....movies....erk, nope, definitely just wasting all the money and fuel just to glued our eyes on the big stupid screen. =p. So, we decided to go to arcade and have some fun there. Haaha.....the little kids we've become...I've never played it before and it's quite fun..just for some minutes but it's fun. Then, finally we decided to take a walk around the area of Putrajaya...It think Luck didn't charm us that night..All the street light were off leaving just the main lamps just to light the, my friends said the best part of Putrajaya is the night view with the sort of fancy street lamps and the fountain. And we didn't get both. How interesting is that, all the way to this place. 

The climax of our activity, out of the box and my thinking...was playing at the playground..and walk near the's dark and cold night.....but we found that it's the finest entertainment for us.....again, all the way from shah alam just for a playground??? hehe, dumbstruck. But, that's it. Maybe there's next time and by that time, no plan! coz it's  surely crashed. Yeah, I haven't yet mention that it's our third attempt to go bowling. Some days ago we planned to go Ole-Ole for bowling but it's full...then we straightly changed our location and went to Sunway. (it's quite pricey but still affordable for us)....then what, there was a tournament held and end up us to a casual hang out and food catch at Laksa Shack. See, patah la hati....

here some of our pics~!!

AT THE LAKE.....=]


 I can't bear to show the pics at the playground.....hehe....let it just be our memory... :)

Hey, thanks darlings...I am appreciated.

Allah knows best

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