Sunday, November 21, 2010

I found these words makes people want to fall in love & to be loved again

One step for betterment

First of all, I would declare that these ain't my word art and this poetry/quotes/song is taken from a Hindi movie. I would comment and discuss about the movie later in the next post so if you ain't have any idea from which it is taken, you'll know it soon.

This love is a dream for every girl in this planet and with sincerity and true love may we have it. Don't want to fret further, I present you, the ecstasy.....  

"the fragrance on your breath is me, how ever will you stop..not breathing?" 

"I felt god himself had blessed me..when all he did was to address me"

"I don’t live a life of the selfless, nor do I grab another’s wine…………if he has loves let he comes and declares it…to ask him... to follow him, I decline"

"I gave up complaining my master about you, for he is the most smitten by you, by far."

"Your voice is like a thunder in a storm, your smell is just like the earth after the first rain and you yourself is like a prince in a beggar clothing"

"I can’t explain the way of this market to you, he who is sold can’t ever be a buyer anew"

"The fire is in the sun but it’s the Earth that does the burning, the eyes fall in love, but it’s in the heart that does the suffering"

"Look at me up close, imbibe me in every way, just in case your fate has another card to play"

"If by mistake I have made a mistake, then please consider it a mistake and forget it. But only forget the mistake even by the mistake don’t ever forget me"

"You should love a prince, not a devil like me- it’s too late. Now this devil is my prince"

"If not for the rest of our life, we can spend the next 12 hours together, can’t we? Perhaps that’s all we have"

"Don’t come close to me, the storm will destroy you – I’m not destroyed in your storm, I am rejuvenated"

"May my life’s breath find refuge in your heart, destroyed in your love may my life depart"

"Never again will the winds be this shameless, never again will our steps falter so blameless"

"But this life without you is no life anyway"

"What if I let my heart life in your eyes? What if I close my eyes and punish your heart?"

"Our hearts are tremble when they meet, like they were never apart for even a beat"

"When I have your hands in mine,  I have with me the heavens divine"

"I have given you a lot of pain, still I am asking you to fill my wounds but I stand before you with the hope that you will forgive me"

"My breath was incomplete, heartbeat was incomplete, incomplete was I..Now the moon is full, complete in the sky and now with you complete am I"

p/s: Now you're scared

Allah knows best

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